JUNE 5, 2012:
See a video of Dr Chet Snow discussing the 2012 Venus Transit:
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    Venus transits (or inner conjunctions of Venus) occur when Venus passes across the face of the Sun, when viewed from Earth.  They are among the rarest of predictable astronomical phenomena. The Sun's rays must pass around and thru Venus to reach our planet during each transit.  They always occur in pairs, eight Earth years apart, with an average of 104 years between transit pairs.  Each Venus transit is also accompanied by an "outer conjunction" when our sister planet passes directly behind the Sun, in a straight line with the Earth.  But, of course, we cannot view such an event, except from Space. 

    As Venus is the brightest object in Earth's night sky after the Moon, ancient peoples have long observed its position as it appears to travel across the night sky.  Because its orbit around the Sun is inside the Earth's orbit, and due to its closeness to our planet, Venus appears either just after dusk OR just after dawn, viewed from any one spot on Earth, temporarily disappearing from view, then magically re-appearing but at the opposite end of the night sky.  This made it especially important to all ancient peoples as Venus' regular cosmic "dance" with Earth defines the sacred geometry relationship called the Golden Mean since 1.6 Venus years equal 1 Earth year

    As early as ancient Babylon, astronomer - astrologers recorded the movements of Venus and the "discovery" of its "transits" or inner conjunctions, when Venus is visible in daytime as a black spot crossing the Sun, was made thousands of years ago.  Edmond Halley was the first modern astronomer to be credited with using measurements of the distance between Earth and Venus during an 18th Century transit to extrapolate how far the Earth is from the Sun via Keppler's laws. 

    June 5-6, 2012, marks the next Venus transit.  It is the second of the currrent pair and thus the phenomenon will not again be visible from Earth until 2117 CE - 105 years from now.  Of course because Earth has a 23-degree axis tilt and rotates every 24 hours, the upcoming Venus transit will be either fully-viewable, partially-viewable (ending either at Sunrise or Sunset), or not viewable at all, depending on where one is on Earth's surface during the 6+ hours it takes Venus to move across the Sun.  These viewing positions change with each transit.   They are given below for June 5-6, 2012.

     Mainstream astronomers routinely ignore the energy implications of Sun-Venus- Earth alignments but these were of paramount importance to our ancestors and still to indigenous peoples today.  During each Venus transit, the Sun's life-giving energies must pass thru and around Venus to reach Earth.  The transit visibility boundaries, which repeat every 243 years with slight variations, have long been seen as significant for ancient myths give Venus a dual character - bringer of beauty & harmony or violence & conflict - depending on where it is viewed.  Venus as "evening star" is seen as the goddess of love whereas as "morning star" it becomes a symbol of conflict and destruction.  Some ancient texts describe Venus as "female at sunset but male at sunrise". 

    Cutting the visibility of Venus' daytime transit was seen as having dire consequences on Earth, especially for spots along the sunset boundary - where Venus "defeated" the Sun as it set during the transit's visible progress.   Consequently, during a Venus transit, where visibility ended during the transit at sunset, destruction was predicted.  On the other hand, where the Sun rises during a transit, it "defeats" Venus, so that the "sunrise boundary" line is considered a positive omen, releasing her goddess qualities along it.  No transit visibility regions are neutral and 100% transit visibility regions are considered especially charged with Venus' positive harmonious energies, boosted by the Sun's rays.

    Looking at the June 2012 Venus transit visibility map, we see that the 100% visibility area is largely over the Pacific Ocean, including Japan, Alaska and Hawaii.  This is where native Hawaiians have seen an "opening of the Aloha Spirit" (Venus' positive aspect) in the world.  The more-negative "sunset boundary" passes east of New Zealand and Hawaii to intersect North America in British Columbia near Vancouver, close to the active San Juan de Fuca fault subduction zone.  Most of North America is in the potentially-destructive "transit ends at sunset" area while much of Europe, the Middle East and India is in the "transit in progress at sunrise" positive area.

   2004 Transit time-lapse
                                        photo 1    2004 transit - time lapse
                                      photo 2

    While it's impossible for science to comment on such beliefs, the historical record does appear to point to a possible relationship between past Venus transits and violent Earth Changes, specifically earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis.  For at least the past 500 years history has recorded significant destructive Earth movements happening between four months and a year after previous Venus transits. 
  • The first transit of the current pair occurred on June 8, 2004.  The sunset boundary ran through Sumatra's Aceh province and western Thailand.   Some six months afterwards a 9+ scale earthquake and huge tsunami devastated the region and crossed the Indian Ocean.
  • The previous transit was in December 1882, again centered on the Pacific rim.  On August 27, 1883, the Indonesian island of Krakatoa literally disappeared in the largest volcanic eruption of modern times. 
  • An estimated 7.5 scale quake destroyed much of the Andes in May 1875, just 6 months after the December 1874 Venus transit.
  • Haiti was destroyed exactly one year after the June 3, 1769 Venus transit.
  • A major Japanese earthquake hit in July 1640, seven months after the December 1639 transit.
  • A 1519 tsunami destabilized Korea and Japan one year after the May 1518 transit, which also was viewed by doomed Aztec emperor Montezuma, overthrown by Cortez's band of mercenary soldiers who invaded Mexico just as the ancient Aztec calendar reset in 1519.

    Mindful of such precedents, our Society believes that gathering indigenous elders and wisdom-keepers along with the interested public to discuss suggestions for creating a positive, sustainable future for the next seven generations and to hold sacred ceremonies in Hawaii, where the June 2012 Venus transit is 100% visible, will mitigate potential destructive consequences, especially along the sunset line that impacts the eastern Pacific and North America.  We seek to inspire, educate, engage and enlighten participants both present and via mass media involvement in this historic event.  It is appropriate to hold it in Hawaii, reknowned for its "Aloha Spirit" of love and brotherhood, using these energies to further positive global change at this key time as our entire solar system aligns with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and the Mayan calendar renews its 5,200 year long counting cycle. 

    We consider it vital that many positive people join us in Kona, Hawaii, this June.

See a video of Dr Chet Snow discussing the 2012 Venus Transit:

Mitakuye Oyasin - Aloha Nui Loa - Namaste
Shalom Aleichem -
Salaam Alekem - Peace & Goodwill

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