JUNE 5, 2012:
"Honoring and Preserving the Past
Preparing a Positive Future for the next Seven Generations”
A 501(c)(3) educational charity
Mission Statement:

“Embracing people of all colors, races, and beliefs, our mission is to preserve and disseminate the traditional wisdom of the indigenous elders and teachers of the Earth.  We seek to bring their knowledge to a modern-day audience at a time widely considered critical in history.  To this end, the Society organizes and sponsors gatherings world-wide with recognized indigenous elders and the interested public; we prepare mass media materials and we organize small group pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world.  We support other public and private charities that are dedicated to similar goals.”                                          

Dr. Chet Snow, Executive Director

Brief Introduction:
The Four Directions Wisdom Society, Inc. is a recognized 501(c)(3) charitable and educational non-profit corporation that embraces people of all colors, races, and spiritual traditions who inhabit our common planet, Mother Earth.  Its purpose is to honor, preserve and share the traditional wisdom and spiritual knowledge of indigenous elders, teachers & wisdom-keepers from all cultures that honor Mother Earth and humanity’s spiritual connection to the Cosmos.  It seeks to bring these teachings to a modern-day audience at what many consider a crucial time in Earth’s and humanity’s history.  To this end The Society organizes and/or sponsors educational gatherings with recognized indigenous elders and wisdom-keepers, drawn from all of humanity’s races and peoples open to the public.  

 The Society was incorporated April 27, 2010, with Dr. Chet Snow, Kallista Snow and Karen Koebnick, all of Sedona AZ, as its first set of officers.  Prior to its founding, these three individuals had already come together to organize and host the first 4 Directions Wisdom Gathering in Sedona, in May 2007.  It was a life-changing weekend and the experiences gained from that gathering led directly to the Society's formation. The Society received IRS recognition as a nonprofit organization three months after it was founded. 

 The Four Directions Wisdom Society, Inc. now plans another spiritual gathering of indigenous elders from different native traditions around the globe; we will come together on the island of Hawaii, ancestral home of the demigoddess Pélé, the first week of June 2012 during the Venus transit, 100% visible there.  This Aloha Gathering is called to honor Mother Earth and to share indigenous teachings about Venus, its rare transit across the Sun, and its significance today.   It will include like-minded people who will teach and divulge heretofore hidden knowledge plus join in sacred ceremonies, preserving this wisdom for future generations.

 Additionally, the Society calls on all who seek a positive, sustainable future to join the Global Circle of Light 2012 to support the Elders in Hawaii with a donation, then unite in local prayer and sacred ceremony on the day of the June 5/6 Venus Transit.  All donations are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.  See below to make a Pay Pal donation. 

The Society will also organize and host small-group pilgrimages to sacred sites, both before and after June 2012, working with local peoples to preserve their common spiritual traditions.  The Society will also record or sponsor the recording of sacred ceremonies that otherwise might be lost.  It will write or support written accounts of such activities and research common threads among them to educate all humanity as Earth crosses the 2012 threshold, the culmination and turn-over of the 5,200 year long-count Mayan calendar.


In connection with these above-mentioned activities, the 4 Directions Wisdom Society, Inc. will sponsor educational activities, both before and after June 2012, so that as wide a public as possible is made aware of the spiritual significance of the June 2012 Venus transit.  This will encourage them to join the Aloha Gathering in Hawaii or to hold simultaneous gatherings and appropriate ceremonies in their own locales. 

Finally, the Society actively seeks charitable donations for the travel and adjunct expenses of those elders and wisdom-keepers invited to Hawaii.  It plans to donate to other recognized charitable entities to preserve and disseminate the spiritual teachings and ceremonies that they are willing to share at this time, considered by many as critical for the world and humanity.


We call on all persons and organizations who share our vision for a better future for Mother Earth and the next seven human generations to join us both in Hawaii in June 2012 and/or help with their gifts and sponsorships for invited elders and wisdom-keepers. 

Together, we can become the "Ones We are Waiting for".

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Mitakuye Oyasin - Aloha Nui Loa - Namaste
Shalom Aleichem - Salaam Alekem - Peace & Goodwill

PO Box 1404 - Sedona AZ 86339
 Contact: Dr. Chet Snow - (928) 204-1962