JUNE 5, 2012:

  • Circle of Light
"Honoring and Preserving the Past
Preparing a Positive Future for the next Seven Generations”
A 501(c)(3) educational charity
Mission Statement:

“Embracing people of all colors, races, and beliefs, our mission is to preserve and disseminate the traditional wisdom of the indigenous elders and teachers of the Earth.  We seek to bring their knowledge to a modern-day audience at a time widely considered critical in history.  To this end, the Society organizes and sponsors gatherings world-wide with recognized indigenous elders and the interested public; we prepare mass media materials and we organize small group pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world.  We support other public and private charities that are dedicated to similar goals.”

Global Circle of Light 2012

Can't come to Kona, Hawaii, for the Aloha Wisdom Gathering and Sacred Ceremonies with the Elders during the June 5, 2012, Venus Transit ? 

The Four Directions Wisdom Society calls on all who seek a positive, sustainable future to join our Global Circle of Light 2012 to support the Elders in Hawaii with a donation, then unite in local prayer and sacred ceremony on the day of the June 5th Venus Transit.  All donations are tax-deductible for US taxpayers.

Here's how to participate: 

    1)      Everyone who joins this effort is asked to give a (US) tax-deductible donation to the Four Directions Wisdom Society, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational charity and sponsor of the Aloha Wisdom Gathering.   Money is Energy (Chi) and if you give even a small amount to support the Elders in Hawaii now, your Chi will enhance the Ceremonies at the time of the Venus Transit.  Any money raised beyond direct Aloha Wisdom Gathering expenses will be donated to the Elders and/or used to create future Society events to help preserve and share Native wisdom teachings for the Future.  This is not about personal profit but about Responsibility, Respect and Paying Forward.  Serious work is intended and will occur in Hawaii. 

Your donation can be made 2 ways:
        A)  Mail a donation Check to the "Four Directions Wisdom Society, Inc." - PO Box 1404, Sedona AZ 86339 - today.  All donations of $25+ will receive a letter from the Society for your 2012 USA Income tax return (US taxpayers only).   Thank you for your generous support and special thanks to those who have already promised donations or donated to the Circle.    
        B)  Donate via Pay Pal: www.4dwisdom.org/donate.html OR, if you have a Pay Pal account, please e-mail a "personal payment" to: 4dwisdom@gmail.com and Pay Pal will credit it to the Society with NO processing charges.   All USA  $25+ donations will receive the IRS donation letter.

Next, organize a "local group" of the Global Circle of Light 2012 - invite everyone to donate to the 4DWS to support the Elders in Hawaii and plan a Venus Transit Sacred Ceremony with the intention of Choosing a Positive Sustainable Future for the next 7 Generations.  

Be creative a "local group" could be your friends who agree to help support the Elders and to participate at an agreed-upon time, even miles apart.  Or it could be a group coming together at someone's home or in a public place during the Transit.  See www.4dwisdom.org/aloha-program.html for the key moments of the Venus Transit Ceremonies by the Elders and Gathering in Kona, Hawaii, in Hawaii Time = 3 hours earlier than Pacific Daylight Time (West Coast, USA) & 6 hours before East Coast, USA.   

With the Elders, we will acknowledge local groups and coordinate with you by e-mail before June 5. 

Let us hear from you, please. 

The Society will also organize and host small-group pilgrimages to sacred sites, both before and after June 2012, working with local peoples to preserve their common spiritual traditions.  The Society will also record or sponsor the recording of sacred ceremonies that otherwise might be lost.  It will write or support written accounts of such activities and research common threads among them to educate all humanity as Earth crosses the 2012 threshold, the culmination and turn-over of the 5,200 year long-count Mayan calendar.


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Mitakuye Oyasin - Aloha Nui Loa - Namaste
Shalom Aleichem - Salaam Alekem - Peace & Goodwill

PO Box 1404 - Sedona AZ 86339
 Contact: Dr. Chet Snow - (928) 204-1962