JUNE 5, 2012


Friday, June 1

Arrival of Participants, Elders and Guests at the Keauhou Bay Sheraton Resort, Keauhou, Hawaii.

Saturday, June 2
 8:00am - 10:00 Continental Breakfast available to participants at the rear of the Keauhou Convention Center, Ballroom B. The Weekend Sessions are all in this room.
Opening Blessing Ceremonies led by invited Hawaiian elders followed by a short introduction to the meaning of the "Aloha spirit as our birthright" by Auntie Pua.
Short pause - 15 minutes
First "Talk Story" session with invited elders and participants (Panel of elders at the front of the room; audience mics etc.). Introduction of the Hawaiian elders and guests followed by questions and dialogue on "Seeking a Sustainable Future for the Next Seven Generations".
Lunch time - 2 hours pause
Introduction to the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grand-mothers and its three invited members: Grandmothers Agnes, Mona and Flordemayo.
Second "Talk Story" session with invited elders and participants.
Dinner time - 2 hours pause
Evening group session, starting with Dr. Chet Snow's illustrated lecture: "Venus, Cosmic Neighbor, Dual God/Goddess and 2012" and followed by Sherry Whitfield introducing: "Synergy, an ancient Crystal Skull, once in Hawaii".
End of Saturday's Sessions

Sunday, June 3
 8:00am - 10:00 Continental Breakfast available to participants at the rear of the Keauhou Convention Center, Ballroom B. The weekend Sessions are in this room.
Third "Talk Story" session with invited elders and participants - with a 15 minute pause at about 10:30.
Lunch time - 2 hours pause
The Gathering divides into 3 discussion groups, each with 2 elders, to discuss "How to bring the Aloha Spirit and Suggestions for a Positive Future back to our Communities".
15 minute pause
Final "Talk Story" session - each group gives a short report by a non-elder reporter, followed by general discussion on suggestions brought up in smaller-groups.
Dinner time - 2 hour pause
Evening Ceremonies.

Monday, June 4
 - 9:30    
Continental Breakfast available to participants at the rear of the Keauhou Rooms III and IV.
NOTE: this is NOT the Keauhou Convention Center Ballroom.
Optional morning Workshops by Invited Elders (Grandmothers and Hawaiian elders) OR Tour Activities like a dolphin swim, excursion to Volcano National Park or South Point etc.
 1:00pm End of 3 hour optional morning Workshops - Lunch pause
Optional 3-hour afternoon Workshops by Invited Elders.
End of 3-hour optional afternoon workshops and excursions
On you Own - the Sheraton has its own public luau this evening.

Tuesday, June 5

No morning Sessions or breakfast today - Elders have a private meeting

Venus starts across the face of the Sun (exterior ingress) (by 24 hour clock)
Venus completely visible against the Sun (interior ingress)
Apogee - Central moment of the Venus transit
Venus starts to exit the Sun's face (interior egress)

Venus ends her 2012 transit (exterior egress)

Sunset in Hawaii by the 24 hour clock

We will hold Ceremonies between 12:00pm and 12:30pm as Venus begins her 2012 transit, then have our lunch time, re-convening for a group Ceremony and Setting of our Intentions for a Positive Future between 3:00pm (15:00) and 4:30pm (16:30), with a final Ceremony at 6:30 - 6:44pm (18:30-18:44 by the 24hour clock). These Ceremonies will all be held on the Blue Crystal Bay Terrace. 

Closing Luau - traditional Hawaiian celebration - on the Hawaii Lawn.
End of the June 2012 Aloha Wisdom Gathering.

Wednesday, June 6

"Aloha Oe" as we leave the Keaunou Bay Sheraton or stay on for private times of rest and relaxation on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    Aloha Gathering participants will get the hotel's discount rate 3 days before +   afterwards if they choose to arrive early or stay on for rest/relaxation.  Invited elders and guests will depart on June 7. 

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Mitakuye Oyasin - Aloha Nui Loa - Namaste
Shalom Aleichem - Salaam Alekem - Peace & Goodwill